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Vanessa Pattison is originally from California where she lived with her husband until a sense of adventure called them to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua in 2005. She came to the mat as a teacher by accident just from sheer desire to practice with others and found she loved being there. Vanessa has taught classes in and around San Juan del Sur for over 6 years and her classes maintain a steady flow of locals and tourists alike.

During her years teaching in town many teachers have arrived and shared with her their craft greatly enhancing her life and her teaching. Vanessa became certified in 2007 by School of Yoga. She has also studied with Yoga Works and countless amazing teachers during the last decade. Vanessa is also a mother of two beautiful boys born in Nicaragua.

Having given birth naturally lead her to another passion-the role of doula, assisting women before, during and after childbirth using yogic breathing and relaxation techniques. She is exhilarated about the creation of Zen and she hopes you feel that energy as you step through the garden and into the studio. What started out as an “accident” turned into a passion and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Favorite Yoga Pose:
Full Wheel-the pose is extremely challenging for me. Which is why I know I need it. You have to feel to heal and I feel a lot in this pose. I love to see my students pop up into this pose with ease, it is very humbling and inspiring for me.


Kerry Magee found yoga while residing in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. After Living in a small transient town for 2 years, she was ready to invite something long term into her life. On a search to feel healthier, both in the body and the mind, Kerry began yoga classes at zen yoga. After just one class, she knew she had found what she needed.

Kerry’s love and appreciation for yoga grew quickly, inspiring her to immerse herself in yoga and learn as much as possible. Kerry completed a 200 hour TT in Nicaragua with teacher Angela Boltz.

Kerry teaches a lighthearted class, encouraging her students to find balance between challenge and peace, to enter that blissful dance of the breath moving the body.

Favorite Yoga Pose:
My favourite pose right now is “Wild thing”. I love flipping over off the mat. This pose truly makes me feel wild and free.


artender in New York City. Finding so much more than she ever hoped for through her practice, she was inspired to do her 200 hour teacher training with Yoga to the People.

Molly subsequently completed a hot yoga training program and has been teaching both vinyasa and traditional hot yoga for the last two years in NYC. Molly teaches to all levels, and offers a blend of invigorating and relaxing poses throughout her classes.

Molly emphasizes alignment and self-awareness to help you work your edge and discover your own inner teacher. She strives to keep yoga accessible to everyone and is thrilled to be living in Nicaragua and teaching at Zen!

Favorite Yoga Pose:
My favorite pose would be dancers aka standing bow. “This pose has it all! Backbend, spinal twist, hamstring stretch, all while balancing on one leg. It’s extremely beautiful and challenging and teaches me a lot about myself every time I attempt it”.


Noelani comes from Honoka’a, on the island of Hawaii, where she was born and raised. She is a surfer and a writer and also works with kids.

Noelani received her yoga teacher training certificate from Yoga Works in Costa Mesa, California in 2007, during college, and used teaching and practicing yoga as a way to balance herself in the midst of the chaos of southern California and the expectations of school. Yoga has been a journey for Noelani and her daily practice is a constant reminder of the fact that no matter where she is, home is in the heart space (and wherever waves are).

Her teaching is inspired by her own mentors as well as nature, music, and the ebb and flow that life constantly provides and the ever-present analogies of growth that surround us. Noelani’s training is based on the teachings of the Iyengar and Ashtanga systems of yoga and she has also studied Anusara yoga for 5 years. Her teaching style is a blend of her studies and experiences that she likes to describe as ‘flowing with integrity’. Noelani is excited to be a part of the Zen Yoga Ohana (family) here in San Juan del Sur and hopes to share the spirit of aloha with both residents and visitors alike.

Favorite Yoga Pose:
“My favorite pose would have to be uttanasana, or forward fold, because no matter what time of day it is, beginning, middle, or end, it always feels good to hang upside down with the heart above the head!”


Sandy Wu studied Traditional Hatha and Kundalini Yoga under Yogrishi Vishvketu at the Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh, India. She continued her studies in Yin Yoga at Semperviva Yoga College with Bernie Clarke in Vancouver, Canada.

She then attained her 500 Hour RYT under Rachel Hull and Dr.Sujatha Kekada in Ubud, Indonesia, intergrading the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, Indian Marma Point Massage, and Restorative Yoga. Intertwining her background as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN),
Sandy delivers a welcoming space to practice and explore. She is inspired by the transformative power of music and sound, traveling the globe, and the magic of the surf and mountains.

Favorite Yoga Pose:
Chakrasana (Full Wheel), as it is an energizing expression of opening Anahata (the heart chakra), the core of our spirit.


Duncan first stepped onto a yoga mat for a girl, but stayed there for himself. A forever athlete, he found yoga to be the perfect compliment both physically and mentally to his highly active lifestyle. Continuing down his path of self discovery, Duncan completed his 200 hour teacher training with semperviva and went on to complete a Yin yoga training with Bernie Clark Duncan’s teaching emphasizes alignment and breath and building core strength preparing students to float and fly! He brings compassion and a sense of humor to his classes, and loves teaching to all levels. When he isn’t teaching yoga, you’ll find him training friends at the gym or see him on the beach surfing or practice acro yoga. He’s excited to be living and working in San Juan Del Sur!

Favorite Yoga Pose:

shannon bio pic

Shannon was introduced to yoga over 14 years ago during her first Hot Bikram class. Drawn in by the initial lure of the physical practice, that class was to open up a world of curiosity and later inspired her to explore the other limbs and styles of yoga. Leading her to Rishikesh India in 2007 she attended her first teacher training with Yogi Vishvaketu.
After completion, she studied and taught yoga throughout South East Asia with some awe and inspiriting teachers from all walks of life (including a 98 year old Indian yogi!)

In 2012, Shannon graduated her yoga therapy certificate with Nikki Manzie in Victoria, BC.
As a teacher and student, Shannon strives to assist others in opening to new possibilities by cultivating presence, strength, balance and flexibility on and off the yoga mat. Shannon brings a sense of fun, freedom, and kindness in the classes by offering unique sequences with emphasis on breath, alignment, and yogic philosophy. Integrating music, props and adjustments as appropriate, Shannon’s classes are playful and sure to make everyone feel comfortable, especially those new to yoga.

Favorite Yoga Pose:
Plow. Often offered as a counter pose to shoulder stand, I feel it also can be used as a counter pose anytime you need to flip yourself upside down and change your perspective;)