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Why Nicaragua

If you’ve only ever done yoga at Western style indoor studios in the United States, then you’re missing out. Practicing yoga in a completely controlled environment with just the right balance of sensory stimulus is relaxing, inspiring and comfortable.

Unfortunately, the outside world is loud and messy. Deadlines have no regard for feelings. Noise pollution attacks our quiet time. And people don’t always make space for latecomers.

Here are 4 ways that doing yoga in Nicaragua will help you achieve mindfulness (and improve your life practice):

1. Uncertainty is where the magic happens.
In third world countries, cultural barriers can create confusion and the instruction style may not be what you are used to. It’s best to leave your expectations at home. Notice what happens to your thoughts and emotions in the moment of awareness.  Learn to experience the uncertain flow without judgment, irritation or disappointment. Surprises await beyond the borders of your comfort zone.


2. Observe the causes of discomfort.
The core principle to mindfulness is being present and staying completely focused on the here and now. Take an inventory of your heart and breathe in gratitude. Notice which muscles are tight from traveling and give them grace. Become conscious of unfamiliar foreign sounds in the different environment and shift your focus to deciphering their sources instead of getting distracted by them. Awareness of your feelings, body and environment is the key to recognizing that they don’t have to dictate your current state of being.


3. Feel and embrace the natural elements.
When you cross borders into third world countries, it’s common for yoga classes to take place outdoors. The freedom to set up shop in the wilderness is the biggest attraction to most yoga retreat and teacher training centers abroad. Outdoor yoga exposes natural elements that classroom walls protect from. Wind, sun and rain are gifts from Mother Nature. It’s easy to appreciate them in doses, but in extremes they can be humbling. Learn to cultivate awareness and gratitude for all elements of nature, even when it makes the practice more challenging.


4. Prioritize practice over industry.
It’s so easy to get caught up in the industry of yoga. The quality of gear has improved drastically in the past fifteen years. From sweat resistant towels and name brand pants, to specialized rubber blocks and lavender scented eye pillows, we’re inundated daily with wonderful accessories that we don’t need to achieve success on the mat. There is something raw and beautiful about practicing yoga in a country untouched by industry consumerism. What you don’t have, you can’t buy in most third world countries. Everyone has access to mindfulness.


Guest post article written by Brooke Rundle, a California born surfer and yogi, Nicaragua ex-pat and co-creator of San Juan Live – a lifestyle and travel website on San Juan del Sur. She also co-authored the ultimate travel guidebook on San Juan del Sur. Vist her website here at http://sanjuandelsur.org/ or download her travel guidebook – http://www.amazon.com/Insider-Guide-San-Juan-Nicaragua-ebook/dp/B00NTY9FWS/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1444797918&sr=1-1&keywords=san+juan+del+sur

Want a Beautiful Yoga Beach Body…Mind & Spirit?

Monique Claudio – Melt Move and Grove Beach-Yoga Spa Retreat – Nicaragua Yoga Institute April 12-18 2015

Bone Up on Beach Yoga Benefits

Practicing yoga outdoors yoga has amazing benefits that you just can’t achieve in a yoga studio, and the beach is the best place to get the most out of your yoga practice. Whether you visit your yoga studio everyday during the week or you’re a brand new beginner, or you are on a yoga in retreat in Nicaragua, I don’t need to remind you of all the emotional and physical wellness benefits yoga offers.

However, if you haven’t thought of elevating your practice to a new level and environment, it’s about time to reconsider the call of the ocean. Practicing yoga in the sun and on the sand has many additional benefits that you just can’t get in a gym studio or your home.

If you can’t make it to a Nicaragua Yoga Institute Retreat, we’ve pulled together the top six reasons you’ll get the most out of youe beach yoga practce no matter where you dig your toes into the sand.

Six Secrets to a Yoga Beach Body…..Mind and Spirit

Nicaragua Yoga Institute 100 HR Yoga Teacher Training – Register Now to become a yoga instructor in 3 weeks Feb 14 to March 9th with Peter Sterios, Founder of Manaduka, at the Nicaragua Yoga Institute and Zen Yoga Studio Center


  1. Dig Your Dharma in The Sand

You might be able to maintain a tree-pose for a long time in a yoga studio, however the flat, wooden flooring might not be challenging you enough. When you practice yoga in the sand on a beach, your body, calves, feet, and core have to work much harder.

This is because sand isn’t a stable surface, it moves and shifts underneath you, and you constantly need to make small adjustments to maintain each pose. This causes you to use more of the muscles in your legs, feet, core, and arms, including many muscles that you might not normally use.

The result? A more intense, mindful, deep, full-body workout…and a very well toned beach body, mind, and spirit.


  1. Find Your Zen – Balance

Besides building great muscle tone, sand can also greatly improve your overall balance. The uneven and ever-changing nature of the sand surface itself provides you with a natural balance board. Set your driste on the ocean and as you get the hang of it, you might find the sand a better means of support for your practice as a whole on and off the sand, and your mat, since you can learn to contour your movements no matter where your practice or day takes you. When our guests come to Nicaragua for a yoga retreat, we practice on the vibrant black sands surrounding the volcanoes, to multiple sand surfaces at our pristine beaches. Over time, you’ll be really digging your dharma into those balance poses and finding a strong stability you didn’t know you had.

And, because it’s also a much softer and more shock-absorbent surface than a wooden or cement floor, sand can be gentler on your knees and joints–a major bonus for people of all ages.


  1. Clear Your Mind and Heart

Whether you are on a yoga retreat in Nicaragua, or go to your local beach, you go to get away, get still and relax. Combining relaxation with yoga’s mindful attributes is the ultimate mindful mix of letting go and deep relaxation. So it a no-brainer to unite the two. Nothing beats Svasana on the beaches of San Juan Del Sur’s  Playa Hermosa or Maderas, or even your own your own home beachside practice.

The nice warmth of the sand, refreshing beat of the waves, fresh smell of the ocean, and the calmness of the wind will inspire to a calmer, more peaceful placeSo skip the studio and hit the sand and surf for practice your entire body and soul deserve.

  1. Simply Breathe

The most critical aspects of our Nicaragua yoga retreats is remembering to just breathe. Especially with the pristine beaches and clean fresh ocean air.  This provides your muscles the oxygen they crave. Discover your Ujjayi breathing and channel your breathe into your sun salutations as your hands sweep the sand and rise to meet the setting sun.

When you integrate the practice of Ujjayi breathing more with the cleansing ocean air,  you’ll deepen your practice and your balance in it’s most natural state — in nature.


  1.  Sun Salutations & Moonlight Magic

Follow the Sun – XAVIER RUDD — It’s a fact many people don’t get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D increases your health and is a natural anti-depressant. Fortunately your body produces vitamin D when your skin is exposed to the sun (please wear sunscreen). This provides another perfect excuse to go on a Nicaragua yoga retreat and hit the beautiful beaches for some soothing sun riched vitamin D that only the equator can provide.

After the sun sets, feel the magic of the moon and practice amongst the tree tops swaying in the refreshing breeze as the sun sets and the moonlight  recharges your energy and spirit. Nothing can beat the sunset and sunrise  tree-top studio, Zen Yoga Studio, in downtown San Juan Del Sur, with founder and world famous yoga instructor, Vanessa Pattison, where you get the best of both worlds –the magic of the moon and love of the sun then cap off your practice at their Buddha Juice Bar and Massage Center to replenish your body for the rest of your day and night.


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  1. Go on a Nicaragua Yoga Retreat -The World’s Top Rated Yoga & Surfing Beaches

When going to the beach to practice yoga, or exploring yoga retreats, add Nicaragua to your list, and hit the beach with friends for a quite spot on a Nicaragua Yoga Retreat. After each practice, feel free to take a refreshing swim, volunteer in town, take a surf lesson or indulge in a massage. You newly balanced beach body deserves it. Here are some retreats that provide beach yoga with multiple eco-adventures and healthy spa activities to indulge in night and day from horseback riding to zip-lining and volcano trekking, all of which will further beautify your body, mind, and spirit.