Delaney Wray

Instructor/Wellness Coach


Delaney Wray Nicaragua Yoga Institute

Delaney is a Colorado native, registered yoga teacher, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, and Founder of Happy Meets Healthy. She moved to San Juan Del Sur with her husband and dog in October 2017 to explore a life lived with less, embracing the discomforts of a new culture, and finding happiness and gratitude in the simplest things life offers. Delaney stepped on her first yoga mat in Austin, TX, in January 2014, to help her combat the emotional, mental, and physical roadblocks in her life at that time. After her first class, she was hooked, and became a 200 RYT one year later. Delaney teaches and specializes in a Vinyasa Flow (energizing – powerful – fulfilling – strength-building) and a Slow Burn (grounded – expansive – explorative – juicy). She encourages her students to arrive to their mats without judgement, ego, or needs-to-change. In Delaney’s classes, yoga is an inward exploration with an open heart, guided by breath first, then movement. Outside of her yoga mat, Delaney enjoys spending time on her coaching business, traveling with her husband, surfing, crafting, hiking, and playing fetch with her one-eyed dog, Mylo.