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Michael Greger, MD, recently wrote for NutritionFacts.org about the many benefits one can experience when eating a plant-based diet. The list is so incredibly long and well-researched, you might be convinced to give up meat altogether; however, if you’re not, you can at least learn about these many benefits and consider going veggie just one or two days a week!

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A significant convergence of evidence suggests that plant-based diets can help prevent and even reverse some of the top killer diseases in the Western world and can be more effective than medication and surgery. See the following topics for research findings relevant to the most prevalent chronic conditions.

Additionally, plant-based eating may have a positive effect on reducing abdominal fat and acne, reversing the effects of aging and reducing the effects of allergies and asthma, and combatting overbearing body-odor. A plant-based diet can also positively impact cellulite, childhood IQ, cognition, eczema, gut bacteria, kidney stones, mood, oral health, waist circumference, and weight management – we were not kidding about how long the list of benefits is!

Plant-based eating also appears to help prevent:

Eating meat and other animal products may be associated with weight gain and a shortened lifespan. Meat also contains a high amount of saturated fat, trans fats, sulfur dioxide arachidonic acid, and heme iron. Meat, fish, dairy, and eggs may also increase our exposure to dietary antibiotics, industrial toxins, mercury and other toxic heavy metals, advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), cadmium, xenoestrogens in fish, and estrogenic meat carcinogens.

A plant-based diet can detoxify the body of these pollutants. Even just a step towards eating more plant-based might lengthen lifespan.

Contrary to popular myth, vegans have healthy bones and higher blood protein levels than omnivores, and most vegans get more than enough protein. In one study, within a matter of weeks, participants placed on the plant-based diet experienced improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin levels, insulin resistance, and C-reactive protein levels.

Vegans may have fewer nutrient deficiencies than average omnivores while maintaining a lower body weight without losing muscle mass. Those eating plant-based diets appear to experience enhanced athletic recovery without affecting the benefits of exercise. The arteries of vegans appear healthier than even long-distance endurance athletes and those on low-carb diets. In fact, the Paleo Diet may increase the risk of toxin contamination, DNA damage, and cancer.

There are two vitamins not available in plants: vitamins D and B12. There is a serious risk of B12 deficiency if no supplements or B12-fortified foods are consumed. Two other nutrients to monitor are iodine and zinc. Yeast- or algae-based long chain omega 3 fatty acids may also be beneficial.

Medical training continues to underemphasize nutrition education, meaning patients often do not receive information about all of the options for treatment. Doctors report they don’t practice preventative cardiology because they fear their patients won’t change their diet. Kaiser Permanente has begun more aggressive efforts to apprise patients about the advantages of plant-based diets.

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San Juan Live says it best: “With miles of diverse coastline, abundant wildlife, rugged hills, warm weather, and vibrant local communities, the San Juan del Sur region has the power to exhilarate, soothe, and inspire.”

You’ll never run out of adventures or activities in San Juan Del Sur, but here are the top seven you need to try when you’re here:

1. Treetop Ziplining


For the adventure junkie who wants beautiful views of the SJDS jungles.

2. Horseback tours


Ride along the incredible beaches and through the countryside of Nicaragua, seeing plenty of local wildlife as you go.

3. Surfing


Surfers are spoiled for choice in SJDS, whether you prefer to go out in the early morning, midday, or evening.

4. Get a massage


Sometimes a simple massage can be the greatest luxury, and SJDS has top-of-the-line masseurs.

5. See some wildlife


If you happen to miss the howler monkeys on your horseback ride, be sure to take a walk by the jungle and see them lounging around or swinging from the trees.

6. Eat!

avocado fish salad

Enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetables – all fresh, locally sourced, and of course, nutritious.

7. Yoga

sunset yoga

We’re not even biased – the San Juan Del Sur region has world class yoga studios, in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. Enjoy sunrise and sunset yoga on the beach, yoga in a studio in the treetops, or even yoga on your surfboard in the water (if you’re a master of balance!).

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