San Juan Live says it best: “With miles of diverse coastline, abundant wildlife, rugged hills, warm weather, and vibrant local communities, the San Juan del Sur region has the power to exhilarate, soothe, and inspire.”

You’ll never run out of adventures or activities in San Juan Del Sur, but here are the top seven you need to try when you’re here:

1. Treetop Ziplining


For the adventure junkie who wants beautiful views of the SJDS jungles.

2. Horseback tours


Ride along the incredible beaches and through the countryside of Nicaragua, seeing plenty of local wildlife as you go.

3. Surfing


Surfers are spoiled for choice in SJDS, whether you prefer to go out in the early morning, midday, or evening.

4. Get a massage


Sometimes a simple massage can be the greatest luxury, and SJDS has top-of-the-line masseurs.

5. See some wildlife


If you happen to miss the howler monkeys on your horseback ride, be sure to take a walk by the jungle and see them lounging around or swinging from the trees.

6. Eat!

avocado fish salad

Enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetables – all fresh, locally sourced, and of course, nutritious.

7. Yoga

sunset yoga

We’re not even biased – the San Juan Del Sur region has world class yoga studios, in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. Enjoy sunrise and sunset yoga on the beach, yoga in a studio in the treetops, or even yoga on your surfboard in the water (if you’re a master of balance!).

Read more about our yoga retreats, locations, and adventure offerings and start planning your trip to Nicaragua today!